About Me

A Little History
I am a second generation Los Angeles native. LA is known for it’s many Laurel trees. Example: Laurel Canyon. 
Hence “Goddess Laurel”
But Laurel trees were abundant in ancient Rome
and very much glorified.
They were used in times of the games
and war to give them victory.
So Laurel means “Victory” and I like that idea..
the concept of freedom.
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My road leading up to being a Tantra teacher and practitioner has been a long one. I was a nurse at 21 years old, a harsh world which was too much on my delicate emotions, so I went into acting and joined a theater company in Hollywood in my late 20’s. There I studied with a great drama teacher and learned a lot about life and human behavior.
I absolutely loved acting and my
my moment of ultimate achievment was
playing “Juliet” in “Romeo and Juliet”
I also became a writer for a prominent film magazine but got picked up by a big PR company where I interviewed celebrities and VIPS in LA. I also enjoyed writing and looked at it as my second love.
After ten years of marriage and two kids, I was divorced and needed to find some income to raise my kids as a single mom without any help. I knew I was naturally adept at massage so the rest is history, took some Tantra workshops and private
instruction and I was on my way to becoming a healer in my own way.
I have now 15 years behind me and a lot of travel sharing the Tantra experience and helping thousands of men, women and couples. I also taught many how to live better with the life awakening practice of Tantra. I bless it, this practice I have, where I can share a touch of my loving heart with someone who needs it.. day after day..What a lucky Goddess I am..
Namaste and Love,
Laurel/Linda Lee