Tributes and My Testimonials

I would like to thank Bodhi Avinasha, Corynna Clarke, Daka Gary Joseph, Daka Shawn Roop for their insightful and knowledgable teachings. Also the Pioneers who created Neo/Tantra- Charles and Caroline Muir, Margo Anand, Zwala, Raymond Powers, Mantak Chia and many others.


Tribute to My Best Friend Thomas who I will hold close to my heart forever.div>

Thomas Michael Bosserman
Oct 20, 1952- Sept 25th, 2010 Rest Peacefully Angel

October 6th- I just woke up at 4am. I had a huge cry for the umpteenth time and fell out. When I woke up, I was thinking of him.
I have been wanting to write about him but I have to wait until the grief subsides
I feel a need to express what kind of man he was. You hear the best qualities about someone at their eulogies or memorials, even if they were not the kindest of a person, in life.

But in Thomas’ case to say he was a good man or person would be a strong understatement
Through the nine years I knew him, from the beginning, he was there like an angel, to help me all the way up to helping me with my September rent here. As broke as he was from his 07
financial catastrophe, he still mustered up 450.00 to help me with the rent.

I would like to have my own memorial with all the Buddhist that knew him and myself. He got involved in my group here in Marina Del Rey. Many people from that knew him from this area won’t be at the Long Beach Memorial.

I knew Thomas better than anyone, he told me everything about his life. One thing we did a lot of as best friends was talk.
I knew of his childhood, his closeness with his grandfather, the loss of his father at 13. He told me that he and his wife hardly talked. We talked all the time. One night he opened up to me the entire story about what happened to him when he was 6. He wanted to be able to get it out, because his family shamed him and made him never talk about it.

So I sat and listened to him for a couple of hours, as he went through the horrible incident and then I laid him down on my bed and held him as he wept so hard..I was crying too but I kept telling him how much I loved him and what a great and courageous man he was to have survived that kind of trauma at 6. That was a big breakthrough for him, the first time he ever talked about it. He had lived in a state of  Post Traumatic Stress since 6. This is why he was he appeared meek and quiet at times with others.

What I loved about him though is how he was always interested in people and would ask
them, genuinely, how they were doing..he would ask about school or their work or whatever they were into. He was really interested and cared. I have never met anyone like him before
and I know I never will again. There is so much more to say about him but I’m still grieving
and I want to write about him when there is less emotion, so I can express it, without my sadness, to let others know that we shared this world with an amazing, generous, loving, human being, that never faltered from following his heart.

I use to tease him and called him Dr Doolittle because animals were so drawn to him. I saw some interesting things in the way they responded to him. He told me that it was always like that, that animals in his neighborhood always ran up to him as a kid. You just have to believe that he was an Angel sent down here to help some people for a short time..
I  happen to think he was sent to watch over me and my family. I’ll explain why later…
Thomas where ever you are; I love you so much, rest peacefully, and may we meet again,I will be missing you ..Linda


This is Joe in Ventura
Happy new year!
I just wanted to thank you for the session we enjoyed together on dec.14
You are a true Goddess!!!
I will be in long beach in early feburary and would love to experience another session with you if you have the time?