As my heart opens…

 Over and over as I hold you or rub your tired body I know you haven’t been touched or loved in a very long time, you say “thank you” and my heart opens. What a blessing and honor, that I may help you to feel alive again, to feel appreciated, safe and unconditionally loved..My heart opens once more…again and again..



The Way of The Goddess


She is soft moves with grace and confidence. She listens well, not pretending to but taking every word to heart.
She doesn’t need to think, her feelings and intuition give her the insight to either give help, wisdom or share her inspired words.


She is vulnerable and likes it that way, she surrenders knowing that letting go of control frees her and allows spirit to take her to the right place. She calls upon her muse, the one that lives deep in her heart. With clear resolve the goddess knows how to inspire.


She is a goddess with a heart full of love. She knows what she is here for. She knows her mission. She is a healer and with each and every individual that comes her way she holds her arms open and beckons them in so that she may help them too.


The way of the goddess is a way of love, a way of divine feminine that will ignite you to spiritual or erotic implosions. She will take you on a journey
where you may have not been before. No need to hang on she will hold you and carry you through. It’s blissful and safe she makes it this way.


The way of the goddess is to let go of ego and let in pure compassion. She has worked on the way she sees things. She knows that she creates her manifestations so every moment is a little master piece, creation after creation moment by moment.


The Goddess hasn’t bought into the media, or the government or the falsities of mankind. She knows it’s the Matrix and doesn’t fall for it. She sees lies and false beliefs with perfect vision and either speaks out or walks away but she will never buy into it. She knows what it is and denounces it’s deceiving face.


She stays feminine and speaks with truth, you may not like it but she must be true to herself to be a goddess. She knows truth, for her it’s easy to feel. She revels in pure love and compassion with truth.


A goddess knows how to love a man, women, child or animal, so when they enter her temple she guides them to see their core essence, their highest self, she leads them to see their beauty and potential. She helps them to remember how
perfect they are.


This is what women have forgotten. To be a Goddess to love and be loved freely, to heal those in pain, to welcome in the wayfarer.


Women beware of the male energy, the ego driven, competitive way. You are the
goddess that is the healer of the male and the empowered woman who keeps him balanced and open to love and compassion.You are woman…The Goddess..


By Linda Lee/Goddess Laurel



a Tribute Memorial Page for my Dearest Friend

Thomas M. Bosserman-

If Angels exit on this planet, if it’s true that some people are true gifts from heaven, then I was one of the most fortunate, to have crossed paths with this beautiful peacefully Thomas. I’ll be missing you..